Public, independent, non-profit, non-partisan,non-governmental organization, which unite people under it’s Umbrella.

"Gutta cavat lapidem!" – a drop can break a stone. Drop by drop is made the ocean so that we can solve global ecological problems step by step.

Things I Can Do

The main goal of the "Gutta-Club" is to educate active citizens of the new democratic society. Our main priority is to educate young people about the environment and help them solve environmental problems. Our main topics are climate change, human rights, sustainable development, permaculture design, renewable energy, etc.

A Few Accomplishments

The NGO "Gutta-Club" was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova on July 19, 1996, and among the first non-governmental organizations in the country. During 25 years of activity "Gutta-Club" has implemented many projects and programs in the field of environmental education, youth policy, climate, and energy efficiency. Since 2013, "Gutta-Club" is a member of the National Platform of Moldova of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) and a member of the Working Group "Environment, Climate Change, and Energy Security". The goal of the EaP CSF is to strengthen civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries, as well as to help establish cooperation and exchange of experience between civil society organizations (CSOs) of these countries and the EU.